How It Works

On you can book online therapy or coaching sessions with +300 coaches, psychologists, psychotherapists and other therapists. Choose between Audio/Video through Skype and Phone Sessions.

Use Mentaline now to move forward in your life while getting access to highly specialised experts directly from your home computer.

Join the Mentaline Self-help forum to ask, answer and discuss questions about therapy, coaching and psychology.


In short: is the world’s biggest online therapy and coaching universe. Basically we operate a platform where clients can talk to each other, buy industry products and meet and conduct sessions with therapists and coaches. Therefore our platform includes the following features, which are ellaborated later on this page:

  • One2One Sessions
  • Masterclasses
  • Self-Help Forum

We take pride in providing a quality service to help customers and professionals with the coaching and therapy industries.

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About was established in November 2009 and launched to the public in the United Kingdom and Denmark in July 2010.

The founder of Mentaline is the serial entrepreneur Jesper Buch, who also founded, the world’s biggest online takeaway service. The circle of owners also includes other successful entrepreneurs and successful professional’s from the internet industry. 

One2One Sessions:

A One2One session is an online audio-video session between clients and professionals. It’s exactly like a normal Face to Face session, except for the fact that it’s done via the internet from a computer – or alternatively over the phone.

On you can view, select and book online One2One sessions with professional therapists, coaches and psychologists within any field. All One2One sessions are run via our own Audio/Video technology, Skype or the phone create the experience of a real-life therapy or coaching session.

Naturally, all One2One sessions are kept completely confidential between you and your counsellor.


For people that are not yet comfortable with having One2One session, our Masterclasses might just be the right thing. Masterclasses are just like lectures or classes in the real world – it’s just done online instead of a classroom.

On you can view, select and book a “seat” in one of our many online Masterclasses. Choose from our massive selection of Masterclasses and find anything from motivational pep-talks and business lectures to classes on parenting and relationship issues.

All Masterclasses are run through our Audio/Video technology to create a real-life lecture experience.

Self-Help Forum:

People that are not interested in neither One2One Sessions or Masterclasses can still get help or advise through Mentaline – Self-Help. This is available in our Self-Help Forum, where people can talk to professionals and other people with the same problem.

Anyone can participate in our forum to help others or get help from others regarding therapy, psychology and coaching. It’s also possible to talk about specific issues, disorders or challenges.

Our forum serves as a platform and connection point for people that need help, people that want to help and, of course, industry professionals.