About Us

Mentaline.com is a new innovative concept that helps clients and professionals in the therapy and coaching industry connect through a revolutionary technological platform.

Mentaline.com offers both One2One sessions and Masterclasses with more than 100 individual professionals – the easiest, smartest and safest way for both clients and professionals.

We founded Mentaline.com in November, 2009 with a very clear mission to become the biggest and most trustworthy supplier of online therapy and coaching through innovation, customer satisfaction and close affiliation with our professionals.

If you are a professional in either the therapy or coaching industry and you are interested in joining Mentaline.com, we’ve created an entire section about professional registration where you can read everything about it.

Mentaline.com was launched in Denmark and the United Kingdom in August 2010 and we expect to expand to a series of other countries shortly.


The circle of owners consists of a mix between successful serial entrepreneurs, advisors with each their own high expertise area and finally also the management.

Investor Relations

Please contact Jesper Buch, Chief of Product Innovation on Mentaline.com, at [email protected] with any enquiries regarding investing in Mentaline.com.

Mentaline Key Values

  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Credibility
  • Responsibility
  • Involvement
  • Co-operation